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We represent the top product line in the sewer and catchbasin cleaning business, Super Products

If you want performance and long-term value, the Super Products line is the one to specify!

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Truck-Mounted Jetters Combination Cleaners/Vac Machines

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Super Products Truck-Mounted Sewer Cleaners

Camel Jet is the undisputed powerhouse for keeping sanitary and storm sewer lines, laterals, and drainage lines clean and free-flowing.

1600 Graphic

The Camel Jet's time-proven, high-pressure water jetting system utilizes a continuous flow of 65 or 80 gpm (246.1 or 302.8L) and pressure up to 2,500 PSI (172.5 Bars) from positive displacement water pumps.


Of the many reasons why Camel Jet 1600 belongs in your fleet, perhaps the most important is choice. From water pumps to drive systems to piping and hose reel location, a unit can be customized to fit your exact needs. Having the option of selecting from various drive systems -- auxiliary gas or diesel engines, Hydrostatic, Hotshift PTO's, or split-shaft transfer case enhances Camel Jet's flexibility.

In addition, the Camel 1600 is also available with an 'air' option. This allows the unit to flush sewer lines and also operate air tools up to 700' away from the unit. You'll find this to be great for robotic lateral cutting saws, air hammers and chain saws, just to mention a few of the many applications.

Select from front or rear fixed or articulating hose reels and you have a customized unit with total operator convenience. And the Lexan Containment System helps protect the operator from hose rupture or high pressure water. The Camel Jet carries 1,600 gallons (6,056.7L) of water in three modular tanks. Formed of rotationally molded polyethylene with ultraviolet stabilizers, costly repairs associated with metal tanks are eliminated.

MES offers a page dedicated to the many features of the Camel Jet machine, as well as complete specifications on the unit. Click here to take a look. (Opens in a new browser window.)

Brochure Link Brochure Link When you need a truck-mounted sewer cleaner with pressures and flows to perform to your specifications -- specify Camel Jet.
For a brochure on the Camel 1600, click here or on the link to the left. For a brochure of the Camel 1600 with air, click here or on the link to the right.

Request DVD We also will be glad to send you a manufacturer's DVD of the unit in operation. To request one, click on the DVD logo to the right. For detailed specifications or more info, call 800.782.2243 or send us an email.

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Super Products Combo Machine Has Been An Industry Leader... Since 1973!

Camel 200

Super Products - leader in worldwide vacuum technology and equipment engineering for over 30 years!

There is no question that Super Products is recognized as the leading manufacturer of truck-mounted industrial vacuum loaders. Municipal Equipment, Inc. is proud to offer the Camel® vacuum truck. There are numerous options and features to custom design your equipment to fit your needs. Super Products builds high quality, heavy-duty, user-friendly equipment that has a long usable lifespan.

Camel Vacuum Technology

There's just no comparison to Super Products' powerful Camel 200.

Camel Animation 1 The design and detail of the Camel Series makes it the most versatile and dependable sewer and catch basin cleaner on the market. The impressive new design features of the Camel unit are leading the way to new levels of innovation and performance for all municipal and contractor applications.

One popular option in the Camel line of sewer and catchbasin cleaners is the Super Pak dewatering system. Super Pak allows the operator to compress the payload inside the debris body to squeeze water out of the payload. This process allows the operator to take a drier load of debris / material to the dumpsite. This is accomplished by utilizing the Camel's patented pusher plate system. The SuperPak option can also be retrofitted to most existing Camels with pusher plates.

Camel Animation 2

For increased versatility, the Camel may also be outfitted with a TV Inspection Camera System. This system allows the operator to view the interior of the sewer piping and enables them to view blockages or potential problems. This means a single operator can clean, as well as trouble shoot, inspect and view potential problems with one piece of equipment. There's no need to invest in two pieces of equipment when the Camel with the TV Inspection Camera system can do both!

Get pdf brochure Use the link to the left to download a Camel 200 brochure. To request a demonstration at your location, click on the link to the right. For more info or answers to questions, call 800.782.2243 or send us an email. Request Camel Demo

In addition to our Super Products line, we offer a wide variety of pipe inspection and repair products, including tractors, cameras, support software, vehicles -- even in-place repair products. Click on the button that reflects your area of interest.

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After the Sale: You can always count on our experienced support personnel to provide you with follow-up services, including replacement parts and product information.

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