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  Pak Mor Logo

Pak-Mor has been making loading and hauling equipment for over 40 years.

The Pak-Mor name is well respected in the hauling and collection industry. The Pak-Mor Leaf Loader is the best solution there is to leaf collection and transportation problems. Available in 24- and 29-cubic-yard models, the Pak-Mor Leaf Loaders are a variant of the company's well known H-Model Side Loader. With manufacturing plants in the United States and 150 worldwide distributors, Pak-Mor designs and rugged engineering are legendary to the municipal field. Their loaders feature a variety of patents and patents pending and applied for. From leaf loaders to front roll-off loaders, their proven performance and 'on-the-level' design make Pak-Mor loaders the standard for the refuse equipment industry.

Pak Mor HVL Leaf Loader

Pak-Mor gives you a leaf collection and transport unit with the capability to compact leaves, combined with a powerful truck-mounted vacuum loader and boom mounted hose. The HVL Leaf Loader can accommodate optional equipment to expand the unit's versatility for loading brush and other refuse throughout the year.

Pak-Mor RDG100 dual chamber

Pak-Mor's RDG100 Dual Chamber Rear Loader meets the demands of separated refuse collection and recycling. Three models differ in length, weight and payload capacity. Whatever your separation requirements, Pak-Mor's Load Liner II Dual Chamber Rear Loaders are the obvious choice for a rational and efficient separated refuse collection system.

For more information, please give us a call or send us an email. You may also visit the Pak-Mor website.

  Otto Recycling and Trash Containers

Otto makes residential carts, recycle bins and commercial containers — all in clean and contemporary designs.

OTTO Environmental Systems is a member of the worldwide OTTO Group. The OTTO Group of companies is the largest manufacturer of plastic waste containers in the world. There are over 90 million OTTO carts in use worldwide.

For more than 63 years, OTTO has been the industry leader in designing and developing solid waste and recycling solutions for the customers it serves. Curbside, office or industrial applications, OTTO has the recycling system available to meet the challenge.

OTTO's versatile Multi-System Design (MSD) carts offer flexibility. MSD carts are designed for refuse, recyclables, and yard waste.

All-in-one collection systems, commingled recyclables and paper products or refuse and recyclables, can easily be accommodated by the MSD in front, side, or rear load automated applications. OTTO's Yard Waste Carts eliminate the need for costly yard waste bags, minimize odor, and reduce moisture, thus volume and weight! OTTO carts are made of injection molded, durable plastic to withstand extremes in temperature and handling to ensure years of trouble free service. Injection molding is proven to be the most precise, consistent and reliable of all plastic molding processes.

Freely Rotating Steel Lower Lift Bar. OTTO now offers its MSD-95 and MSD-95M carts (shown at right) with a freely-rotating, steel, lower lift bar designed for fast, easy assembly and long life. The new bar is available as an option to our valued customers who prefer this design feature.

95-Gallon Millennium

32-Gallon Classic32 Gallon Classic
95-Gallon Edge
95-Gallon Edge
45-Gallon Edge
45-Gallon Edge (New!)
65-Gallon Edge
65-Gallon Edge
Measurements and Weight Capacity Otto MSD Res Carts

Available in Dark Blue, Light Blue, Forest Green, Green, Brown, Black, Gray, and Light Gray. Cart Accessories also available: Recycling Lid Rings, Security Lock and Slot System, In-Mold Labeling, and Full Color Resin-Based Graphics.

For more information information about any of our municipal equipment products, give us a call or send us an email. For more information about these Otto containers visit their website

Recycle Bins

Otto 14 Gallon Recycle Bin

Recycle Bins that allow commingled or source separated collection of recyclables. Designed to withstand rough handling and extreme weather conditions. Unique nesting design reduces distribution costs and makes containers convenient to stack and store. Ergonomic handle design. Available with or without drain holes. Available in 14 and 18 gallon capacities.

Otto 18-Gallon Recycle Bin: Height 13-5/8", Width 16", Length 21-5/32". Weight 4.35 lbs. Sequential numbering, graphic area for logo, warranty. Made from post consumer, high density polyethylene. Available in Dark Blue, Light Blue, Forest Green, Green, Cobalt, Black, Dark Gray, Light Gray, Brown and Yellow. Also available is a 14-gallon unit.

For more information about these Otto containers visit their website

Commercial Containers

Commercial, four-wheeled containers from OTTO are ideal for handling commercial waste and/or recyclable material.

Otto 2-yd. Commercial Waste Container
2-Yard Specs: 43.86" tall, 77.3" wide, 42.5" deep. 450-gallon capacity.
Otto 3-yd. Commercial Waste Container 3-Yard Specs: 75.38" tall, 77.8" wide, 43" deep. 600-gallon capacity.

The Otto Hybrid Plastic/Steel Dumpsters are manufactured out of both MDPE and HDPE utilizing both injection molding and rotational molding processes to provide you with durable containers. Frontload dumpsters ranging in size from 1-cubic yard to 8-cubic yards as well as a 2-cubic yard rearload, the Otto Hybrid Plastic/Steel Dumpsters require lower maintenance than their steel counterparts regarding rust, welding repairs and painting.

The unique combination of a plastic base and steel components where the extra strength is needed makes the Otto Plastic/Steel Hybrid Dumpster the top purchased plastic based container in the market today. These workhorses are quite, easy to maneuver and built to last. They are available in standard colors of Dark Blue, Forest Green, Brown, Black and Gray. Custom colors requests are welcome.

For more information information about any of our municipal equipment products, give us a call or send us an email. For more information about these Otto containers visit their website

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For more information about any of our municipal equipment products, give us a call or send us an email.

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