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Consultant Studies

Riggs & Associates is owned by Thomas W. Riggs and has been performing consulting work since 1990. A support staff of three assists in the processing of data and compiling of reports. On site interviews with departmental staff and equipment appraisal are followed by compilation of data and a written report. Further work can be arranged to assist in implementation of changes.

Review current system for efficiency, safety, productivity.

  • Solid Waste study
  • Street Maintenance study
  • Street Sweeping study
  • Street Repairs study
  • Sewer Maintenance study
  • Storm Drain Maintenance study
  • Recycling study


  1. How efficiency can be improved,
  2. How work can be done more safely,
  3. How productivity can be improved.

For Example

The goals of a
Riggs & Associates Study:

  1. Increase Productivity
  2. Maximize Efficiency
  3. Better Utilization of Equipment Assets
  4. Prepare Long Range Plans
  5. Reduce Workman Comp Claims
  6. Standardize Residential Refuse Containers
  7. Reduce Litter
  8. Establish Performance and Service Standards


Thomas W. Riggs earned a Master's Degree in Communications from Indiana State University, Mr. Riggs has been working in the public works field for more than twenty years.

Thomas Riggs is a member of the American Public Works Association, the Georgia Municipal Association, Association of County Commissioners of Georgia, and the National Solid Waste Management Association. He has worked extensively with public works equipment manufacturers in design and refinement of equipment to better suit the needs of the public works community.

Riggs began working with state and local public works officials in Georgia, expanding into the Southeast in 1989. He has participated in the design and implementation of waste collection and recycling systems. Other projects include street cleaning, sewer, and storm drain maintenance procedures.

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