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Bridgeport Sanitation Logo


Bridgeport Loader

Bridgeport Manufacturing offers automated side loaders, front loaders and drop-frame side loaders. We carry them all!

For over thirty years, Bridgeport's owner, Tony Kouri, has built a solid reputation as the refuse industry's most trusted manufacturer. Tony is committed to providing quality service to his customers. He believes that a reputation as an honest and reliable business is the recipe for success.

Bridgeport Ranger Automated Side Loader

Automated Side Loader

The Bridgeport Ranger Automated Side Loader is available in body sizes from 9 to 38 cubic yards and offers a 7.5 second cycle from the side of the truck.

This product offers a tapered body for easy unloading, continuous packing and a twin rail with body-mounted arm design. Check out the rest of the machine's specifications below:

Standard Equipment:

  • 96" Arm Reach
  • In Gear At-Idle Hydraulics
  • 4-Way Air Joystick Control or 3-Lever Controller
  • w/ Rocker Switch Pad
  • 32-90 Gallon Universal Grippers
  • Self-Locking Tailgate w/ Waterproof Seal
  • 2 Hopper Clean-out Doors

Get Bridgeport Product PDF

Use the link shown to download a PDF brochure on Bridgeport's Automated Side Loader model.

Optional Equipment:

  • 144" Extended Arm Reach
  • 1-3 Camera System
  • Arm Alarm
  • Cart Counter
  • Cart Selector Switch
  • Fire Extinguisher 10 or 20 lb
  • Hopper Cover - Hydraulic, Pneumatic or Manual
  • Lt Side Access Door w/ Ladder & Safety Switch
  • Lube System
  • Outside Controls
  • Strobe Light Array
  • Tag Axle
  • Work Lights on Arm and Hopper
  • CNG Tank Installation

Bridgeport Bridgeport Trinity Series Side Loaders

Drop Frame Side Loader

The Bridgeport Trinity Series are semi-automated side loaders with Bridgeport Tippers. Three models are available: Manual, Semi-Automated and Fully Automated.

Here are the recommended double frame chassis configurations:

Body Size CA Front Axle Rear Axle
25 - 29 Cubic Yards 178" - 198" 16,000 Lbs 20,000 Lbs - Single
33 - 37 Cubic Yards 200" - 220" 16,000 Lbs 40,000 Lbs - Tandem

Check out the rest of the machine's specifications below:

Standard Equipment:

  • Left Hand Wind Door
  • Hoist and Tailgate Safety Valve
  • Body Props
  • Hot Shift PTO or Front Mount Pump
  • Automatic Pack Cycle
  • Auto Locking Tailgate with Regenerating Seal
  • Stress Proof Pins On All Cylinders
  • Cab and Right Hand Controls
  • Full Hopper Enclosure
  • PPG Paint

Optional Equipment:

  • Unitized Bridgeport Auotmated Arm
  • Unitized Bridgeport Cart Tippers
  • 1-3 Camera System
  • Drop Frame
  • Work Lights
  • Strobe Light - Strobe Array
  • Crusher Panel
  • Step on Left Side

Bridgeport Bridgeport Frontier Series Front Loaders

Frontier Front Loader

The Bridgeport Frontier Series Front Loaders offer 34-to-45 cubic yard capacity with an 8,000 lb. arm capacity. Combined with a 12-second arm cycle, 17-second packer cycle and 110,000 lb. of packing force, the Bridgeport Frontier Series is a tough combination to beat!

For more information, please give us a call or send us an email.

  Loadmaster trash trucks
Loadmaster Excel trash truck

The EXCEL by LoadmasterTM is an exceptionally large hopper trash truck featuring advanced design ejection blades. Controls are located in a comfortable location, mounted in machined "UHMW" polyethylene, for a more-smooth wear-resistant vibration dampened operation. The EXCEL side door provides large convenient maintenance access with ladder provided. The strong clean rugged design of the EXCEL blades are the easiest in the industry to remove and maintain. The hopper features a solid one-piece smooth design of exceptional toughness. The hopper material is 150,000minimum yield, high strength, "T-1" steel.

The EXCEL Loadmaster compacter The EXCEL Loadmaster controls

Various container lifting systems are available, including cylinder reeving, drum winch, kick bar, Loadmaster sling system, and various cart tippers. Several types of container latching systems are also available.

Exceptional wiring: Loadmaster believes it has the finest wiring in the industry. All main connections are "aircraft" type. Each wire has its function printed along the entire length of the wire, enclosed in a breathable protective heavy nylon loom covering.

Loadmaster utilizes the most advanced design available in its hydraulic cylinders.

Loadmaster Elite trash truck

The ELITE by LoadmasterTM is an medium-size hopper trash truck featuring curved ejection blades that ride on UHMV polyethylene wear shoes. Blade guides are closed channels welded to the inside body sidewalls, up above the dirt and grit.

Controls are located in a comfortable location, mounted in machined "UHMW" polyethylene, for a smooth wear-resistant vibration-dampened operation. The ELITE side door provides convenient maintenance access with ladder provided. The strong, clean, rugged design of the ELITE blades are the easiest in the industry to remove and maintain.

Loadmaster Elite cylinders Loadmaster Elite ejection blade

The hopper features a solid one-piece smooth design of exceptional toughness. The hopper material is 150,000 minimum yield, high strength, "T-1" steel. Smooth body sidewalls, tailgate locks, productive hopper size, exceptional wiring, and technologically advanced cylinders make Loadmaster trucks a great value.

  PakRat trash compacters

Pak-Rat Trash Collection Equipment

The Pak-Rat side-loading refuse compactors won't quit. Over-engineered, maybe, but these units are great for tight spots, cul-de-sacs, mobile home parks, or campgrounds. Pak-Rat goes where common garbage trucks can't. A good fit for small cities, park maintenance, and independent operators.

Pak-Rat trash collectors

Pak-Rat Truck Chassis Mounts are available on a one-ton truck. Manueverable, good gas mileage, quick and easy loading, big doors, handy hydraulics, and no-nonsense compaction system make this unit a must have. 10-gauge steel on the body floor, continuous welds at critical joints, wire-braid armor protects all hydraulic hoses. Low body height and length. Rolled steel bustle for better compaction. Fast, fool-proof ejection system. Scissor-design with a double 4-inch hydraulic ram (10-yd and 13-yd models).

Get Pak-Rat Product PDF

We also offer an optional Container Lifter with full lines of commercial and residential collection containers and barrels. Use the link to the right to download a Pak-Rat brochure in PDF format. For more information, please give us a call or send us an email.

Pak-Rat Trailers

Pak-Rat Trailer trash collector The Pak-Rat Trailer has the same proven design as the truck-chassis models, and it's even more flexible. After pickup duties, it frees up the truck for other chores. 100% Martco designed and built. 20-horse-power gas engine (10-yd & 13-yd compactors) with electric starter and alternator. Channel section frame 5000-lb.-capacity axle (10,000 lb. for tandem). All-wheel electric brakes. Slipper-type springs with equalizer beam.

Get Pak-Rat Product PDF

Pak-Rat Companion

Pak-Rat Companion

The Pak-Rat Companion never has to leave its pickup route. When it's full, it transfers its load to a rear-loader, although it may also do so at a landfill/transfer station. Available in 6, 8 and 10 cu. yd. models. Shown above is the 10-yard, MSLC-10, model.

Standard Equipment (except when replaced by optional equipment)

6" Chrome Telescopic Packer Cylinder Packing/Ejector Controls on Both Sides
Six Independently Operated Loading Doors Splash Guards
Eight Packer Panel Slide Bearings Two Body Lift Cylinders
Hydraulic Open/Close/Lock Tailgate Loading Steps Both Sides
Redundant Rear Lights Back-up Alarm
Pressure Gauge 10-Micron Spin-on Filter
Sight Gauge on Hydraulic Tank 60 GPM Diverter

Get Pak-Rat Product PDF

  Pak Mor Logo

Pak-Mor has been making refuse packers for over 40 years. Their packers are available in front, side and rear-loading models. They offer the most consistently designed product line in the refuse equipment industry today.

With two manufacturing plants in the United States, and 150 worldwide distributors, Pak-Mor designs and rugged engineering are legendary in the municipal field. Their loaders feature a variety of patents, patent pending, and patent applied for. From leaf loaders to front roll-off loaders, their proven performance and 'on-the-level' design make Pak-Mor loaders the standard for the refuse equipment industry.

Pak-Mor FPE 800 front loader

Pak-Mor FPE 800 high-volume front loader delivers high net payloads with increased speed and reliability. Also available in two "lighter weight" models.

Pak-Mor H-Model Side Loader

The Pak-Mor H-Model Side Loader is designed for rugged dependability to make manual side loading a snap. This model is equipped with a 21-sq.-ft. hopper, automatic rear door locks, automatic side-closure doors, and a loading height of 17" above chassis.

pak More R100

Pak-Mor's performance proven Rear Loader Series features straight-forward design and 100% compaction force. Rear Loaders are available in three models: R100, R200, and R300, which vary by hopper size.

See the Recycling page for a look at the Pak-Mor RDG100 Dual Chamber Rear Loader that meets the demands of separated refuse collection and recycling; and the HVL Leaf Loader.

Get Pak-Mor Brochure PDF

Use the link to the right to download a Pak-Mor brochure in PDF format. For more information, please give us a call or send us an email. You may also visit the Pak-Mor website.

Parkan Logo

Par-Kan is the refuse vehicle that goes where the big trucks can't!

The Par-kan units are perfect for parks, gated communities and other restricted areas.

Par-Kan dumps into garbage trucks

The Par-Kan system makes any fullsize pickup truck into a refuse vehicle. The system is designed for hauling trash, ground cover, and yard waste in restricted areas where large trucks are prohibited. When utilized with a pick up truck, this unit becomes a multi-purpose tool for any general hauling projects.

Specifications Info Installation is easy and there is no modification required. All hardware and wiring is included and is ready to mount. Unit can be mounted onto truck bed or directly to frame.

Par-Kan units are primed and painted with a two-coat, heat-cured system. Heavy duty steel body with structural tubing frame assembly. Self-contained dual cylinder electrical hydraulic system is designed to be waterproof. Hinge point lubrication and 3/4" solid steel hinge pins provide long life to the unit. Drain hole for easy clean out. Features include:

  • Dumps into Full Size Rear Loader
  • 3-Yard and 6-Yard Models
  • Optional Bayne Lift System for Cart Tipping
  • Doubles as a Container Delivery Truck
  • Heavy Duty Steel Body
  • Structural Tube Frame

Par-Kan units may be outfitted with an optional Bayne Lift System, model TL1128:

Par-Kan with Bayne Lift System

The TL1128 lifter is compatible with all standard "2-bar" US carts. Unit operates with a patented rack and pinion actuator and utilizes upper saddle and lower rotating hooks to lift and hold cart while dumping. The lifter is complete with a powder-coated finish and carries a two-year warranty.

Tarping and Container Transport Systems Available The Par-Kan units may also be outfitted with a tarping system and/or a container transport system, as shown in the animated photos to the right.

Lift Capacity: 300 lbs at 1800 psi
Dumpover Height: 63.75"
Cycle Time: 6-to-8 seconds

Get Pak-Mor Brochure PDF

Use the link to the right to download a Par-Kan brochure in PDF format. For more information, please give us a call or send us an email.

Perkins Logo

Perkins Manufacturing offers front- and side-loader options – as well as a satellite lifter product – that will automate your recycling and sanitation container pickup.

Convert your existing commercial front-loader into a fully-automated residential pick-up vehicle!

Perkins Front Auto-Loader

The Perkins Automated Container (PAC) easily disconnects for commercial pickup routes, and efficiently and profitably lifts your routes to new levels. Full automation from Perkins offers your fleet decreased pickup times, increased lift capacities, longer equipment life, and healthier and happier drivers – and at less investment cost than you might expect.

The electronic joystick offers intuitive functions that can be learned within hours and contains an auto-retract feature to reduce operator errors. The extra long reach of the PAC gets in there to dump carts up to 55" away. Most any type or size of cart can be lifted by the PAC's powerful gripping arms. Even heavy loads up to 400 lbs are no match for the PAC!

  • Lightweight design saves fuel and reduces stress on the arms
  • High-capacity container reduces the number of times it must be emptied throughout the day
  • Unrestricted view of dumping action enables operator to work safer and more effectively than sideload-style
  • automated collectors
  • Installs quickly and disconnects easily, for maximum fleet versatility
  • Backed by Perkins service teams and a "bumper to bumper" 1-year warranty

Take a look at some of the specifications for the PAC loader and you'll see why it gets such rave reviews. For complete specifications, use the link at the bottom of this section to download the product brochure PDF file.


  • Minimize your fleet using one front-loader for residential pickup in the morning and commercial pickups in the afternoon!
  • Quick-disconnects allow for speedy mounting/dismounting of the carry can
  • Grabber arms lift wide variety of automated-compatible containers and drums.
  • Simple joystick controls mounted in-cab provide operator with intuitive functions and comfortable overview.
  • Dumps containers deep into can for even trash dispersal
Product Features:
  • Optional front-mounted lifter
  • Heavy-duty construction backed by a 1-year limited warranty
  • Can capacity: 3.9 cubic yards
  • Total system weight: under 1800 lbs
  • Lift capacity: 400 lbs @ 2,000 PSI
  • 50 degree dump angle and deep dumping action
  • 10 second cycle time with 10 GPM from pump
  • Electric joystick with one-touch retract and dump control
  • Rubber-padded arms for superior cart grip
  • Ball roller-bearings at all pivots for smooth movements and easy maintenance
  • Arm design fits the widest variety of cart brands and sizes for best grip
  • Durable powder-coated finish, available in variety of standard colors
PAC Animation Use this link to download a PDF brochure.
Get PAVC Product PDF

Convert your existing commercial side-loader into a fully-automated residential pick-up vehicle!

Perkins Auto-Loader

The Perkins Automated Sideloader (PAS) allows the conversion of most drop-frame manual sideloaders into a fully-automated residential collector. This joystick control-based system can retrofit to your existing trucks, automating your fleet within a two-day installation time… at a fraction of the cost that you might expect.

Full automation is now within your reach. The Perkins PAS adds only 980 lbs to the weight of your current truck. Now you can breathe new life into your fleet, increasing collection speeds while reducing worker fatigue and injury. Isn't it time to get automated?!

Product Features:

  • Fast 10-second cycle time
  • Extra-long 55" reach
  • Lightweight design
  • Simple-to-use controls
  • Powerful 400 lb lift capacity
  • PAS Loader Photo
  • Fits most drop-frame manual sideloaders (sideloader must have packer control switch in cab)
  • Availability in LH and RH orientations to better fit the widest variety of truck brands
  • Powerful 26K actuator provides the lifting action
  • Up to 57" reach from the closed position
  • 10-second complete cycle time with 10 GPM
  • Auto-retract feature reduces operator error by retracting the PAS automatically
  • whenever the vehicle brakes are released
  • Multi-function electronic joystick enables combined one-touch movements
  • for more efficient dumping action
  • Lifts most sizes and brands of plastic carts from 30 to 96 gallons
  • Maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs at 2,000 PSI
  • Lifts carts on or off a curb with no adjustment
  • Powder-coated finish in standard safety yellow color, but custom colors available at additional expense
  • 1-year limited warranty
Perkins Auto-Loader

Use this link to download a PDF brochure.
Get PAVC Product PDF

Satellite Lifter System mounts to the rear bed of any standard 8' bed pickup truck!

Satellite Loader on Pickup

Mount a Perkins Satellite Lifter System to the rear bed of any standard 8' pick-up truck and you have yourself a powerful tool for collecting refuse where a typical garbage truck cannot go. Areas including rough terrain, small alleys, remote locations, beaches, parks, and other areas having limited or restricted access. Available in a variety of configurations to fit any of your needs.

Satellite Unit Only Full automation is now within your reach. The Perkins PAS adds only 980 lbs to the weight of your current truck. Now you can breathe new life into your fleet, increasing collection speeds while reducing worker fatigue and injury. Isn't it time to get automated?!

Product Features:
The Perkins Satellite offers users the ability to collect refuse from hard to reach places full-size garbage trucks cannot access.

  • Allows collection in parks, beaches, trails, off-road, warehouses and
  • other facilities, throughways, temporary events, and remote locations
  • Available in regular and 60/40 split-body configuration
  • Curb-side access door standard on 6 yard sizes
  • Your choice of lifter for hook style carts or barrels
  • Body can dump into standard rearloader MODEL
  • Quick-release mounting pins
  • Bumper system protects lifter
  • Optional Tarp system SAT650
  • ISO 9001 manufacturer


  • Available in 3- or 6-yard sizes
  • Heavy duty construction for years of use
  • 45-degree dump angle
  • This unit may be perfect size for collecting food waste & organics in small volumes from local generators
  • High visibility powder-coated
  • finish
  • Operates on 12vdc power
  • 2-year limited warranty
Use this link to download a PDF brochure.
Get PAVC Product PDF

After the Sale: You can always count on our experienced support personnel to provide you with follow-up services, including replacement parts and product information.

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